Foreign Acquisition - Invest in Real Estate

R esidence Permit and Work Permit - The residence permit and work permit authorize a foreigner to reside and work in Mauritius. You have three categories in this scheme (professional, investor and self-employed).

P rofessional - The employee must be eligible to the laws in force in Mauritius and also meet all the criteria requested by the company employing the person. The salary must be a minimum of MUR 60,000 per month under a contract of employment with employer.

I nvesting in Mauritius as a Foreign Investor – An investor may settle in Mauritius, however he must start by making a transfer of a minimum of USD 100,000 or its equivalent in convertible foreign currency to the bank account of the company. The company must achieve a turnover of at least 2 million rupees per year or 12 million rupees of turnover during the three consecutive years of the launch date of this company.

S elf-Employed - This must be delivered to one person and non-citizen of liberal profession. The activity must have a minimum income of MUR 2,400,000 during the three years preceding the license and with a turnover of at least Rs 600,000 annually.

R esidence Permit / Retired Non-citizen - The permit is awarded to a person over the age of 50 years minimum. He must make a monthly transfer of a minimum of USD 1,500 per month or the total amount of USD 54,000 during the three years of the residence permit in a bank account in Mauritius. This sum must be or equivalent in foreign currency convertible into the account.

L ong Stay Visa - From now on, a foreigner who owns or will acquire property in a G+2 condominium residence with the approval of the Economic Development Board (EDB) at a minimum purchase price of USD 500,000 or its equivalent in a convertible foreign currency will be able to apply for a Long Stay Visa. The Visa will allow this person and his dependents to be able to live in Mauritius for 20 (twenty) years renewable depending on the status of ownership and this will last as long as he owns the apartment.

The Permanent Residence Permit in Mauritius:

T he permanent residence permit authorize a non-citizen individual to be able to settle in Mauritius for a period of 10 (ten) years. The following schemes fall within the criteria of the permanent residence permit:

  • Occupation Permit : Total turnover must be at least 45 million rupees for a period of three years preceding the application.
  • Foreign Investor : If the latter has invested USD 375,000 or more in an acceptable and eligible business.
  • Retired Permit (non-citizen) : The person who holds the permit for three years and must transfer the total sum of USD 54,000 minimum to his account in a Mauritian bank during the three years following the license.